Major in French

To graduate with a Major degree in French, students must complete FREN 223 (along with any courses needed to prepare for it) as well as FREN 220 and 221. The student must also complete 30 credits from the selection of upper level French courses (i.e. 300 — 400 levels] listed below.

*A Science Faculty student wishing to add a French Major to a B.Sc. program should bring the Science Faculty’s Double-Major in Science and Arts Approval Form to the Major and Honours Advisor in French to have it filled out and signed before returning it to the Science Advising Office.

First and Second Years

FREN 122 (3) Contemporary French Language and Literature I
FREN 123 (3) Contemporary French Language and Literature II
FREN 222 (3) French Language and Style I
FREN 223 (3) French Language and Style II

Wondering which course you should take?
*Students who have studied French beyond the regular French 12 level or for whom French is a first language may be exempted from completing some of the lower-level course load. If this is your case, please contact one of the Undergraduate Advisors for First and Second Year French.

6 credits:

FREN 220 (3) Introduction to Early French Literature and to Textual Analysis
FREN 221 (3) Introduction to Modern Literature written in French and to Textual Analysis

*Native French speakers who received their secondary education in French in a French speaking society are encouraged, though not required, to take two additional 300-level French literature courses in place of FREN 220 and 221.

Third and Fourth Years (30 credits)

3 credits:

FREN 353 (3) French Grammar

3 credits from:

FREN 370 (3) Introduction to French Linguistics
FREN 371 (3) Introduction to French Literary Theory and Methodology

3 credits from:

FREN 328 (3) Selected Works of African and Caribbean Literature
FREN 329 (3) Selected Works of European French Literature
FREN 330 (3) Selected Works of Quebecois Literature

6 credits of:

300-level or 400-level French courses
(excluding FREN 344, 346, 348, 349, 380)

15 credits from:

FREN 407 (3) Studies in Medieval French Literature
FREN 408 (3) Studies in French Literature of the Sixteenth Century
FREN 409 (3) Studies in French Literature of the Seventeenth Century
FREN 410 (3) Studies in French Literature of the Eighteenth Century
FREN 413 (3) Studies in French Literature of the Nineteenth Century
FREN 416 (3) Studies in French Literature since 1900
FREN 418 (3) Studies in African and/or Caribbean Literatures of French Expression
FREN 419 (3) Studies in Women’s Writing
FREN 420 (3) Selected Topics in French Literature and Culture
FREN 423 (3) Studies in Theatre
FREN 424 (3) Studies in Prose Fiction
FREN 425 (3) Studies in French Autobiography
FREN 427 (3) Studies in Cinema
FREN 429 (3) Studies in Non-fiction Prose
FREN 430 (3) Studies in Quebecois Literature
FREN 457 (3) Translation II
FREN 460 (3) Studies in Historical French Linguistics
FREN 468 (3) Romance Linguistics
FREN 470 (3) Studies in Modern French Linguistics
FREN 472 (3) Morphology of the French Language
FREN 473 (3) Syntactic Description of the French Language
FREN 474 (3) Synchronic Lexicology
FREN 475 (3) Canadian French: A Descriptive Approach
FREN 481 (3) Studies in Literature and the Arts
FREN 482 (3) Studies in Literature and Philosophy
FREN 483 (3) Studies in Literature and History
FREN 484 (3) Studies in Book Culture
FREN 495 (3) Research Seminar in French
FREN 498 (3) Directed Reading