Placement in Language Courses

View placement information and requirements for French, Spanish, and Italian language courses and some considerations before you enrol.

Language Placement Guidelines

Find out which language course level to start at given your previous experience with a language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Placement tests are typically only necessary when students have acquired some untutored knowledge of the language (through travel, family or non-credit courses) and want to advance to courses for which they do not have official credits or prerequisites.

Placement tests are administered during the following periods:

  • February 15 to February 28 (for courses taking place during the Summer session)
  • June 15 to June 30 (for courses taking place during the Winter session)

To write a placement test, contact the Student Program Coordinator.

Enrolment at or below the level the student has already attained is not permitted. While students may drop down a level if it has been more than two years since they last took a language course, they may not drop all the way down to 101, for instance, and start again. Students who wish to do this will receive credit for the course as an elective, but it will not qualify for the Language Requirement.

The Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies reserves the right to refuse enrolment to any of its language courses to students who have, in the view of the Department, a level of competence unsuited to that course.

Students are strongly encouraged to take each language course in the correct sequence (e.g. 101 & 102, 201 & 202, 301 & 302, and other groupings). They are really a single, continuous program of study divided up for scheduling convenience into one-term components.

To join any of the second components without having taken the first half (e.g. taking 102 without 101) can be awkward and challenging, since you will be starting halfway through a textbook.

Students are strongly encouraged to take the prerequisites for each course to enhance preparedness and understanding of the materials.

Although SSC will not refuse your enrollment, it is best to confirm your enrollment with the Student Program Coordinator using the Contact Form below if SSC has raised a warning. The instructor may decide to remove you from the course if you are deemed insufficiently prepared.

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