Waitlists, Full Courses, Blocked Courses

Learn what to do when a course is full or if you experience a blocked course.

Sections with the character 'W' are waitlists (e.g., FREN 101 W01; W means “waitlist” and the number indicates the term).

All waitlists are managed through the Student Service Centre (SSC) and are indicated with the designation WL. Instructors and course coordinators do not keep informal waitlists. Please remember that the waitlist will take up credits. 

  • After you register on the waitlist, the Department will notify you when space opens up in any section of this course so that you can be moved from the waitlist.
  • If there is sufficient demand for an additional section of this course to be offered, you will be notified when an additional section is created.
  • You should not remain in the waitlist after the add/drop deadline.

If the courses you are registering for is full, you have three options:

1. Look for a waitlist

  • Register for a waitlist section on the Student Service Centre (SSC), if available
  • Waitlisted courses will take up credits
  • The department will contact you to move to the course as space becomes available
  • Check email and SSC regularly to see if you have been added to the course as the department may not notify you of your successful registration

2. Check SSC regularly

  • Availability may change up until the add/drop deadline
  • If a student drops a course, you can register in it
  • If you are registered in the waitlisted course, you should be able to shift yourself from the waitlist to the course as space becomes available

3. Submit a “Force Registration” Form

  • If the courses you want to register for are full and it is imperative for you to register for this course, you can fill out this form:

If the sections you are registering for is blocked, it indicates that the section is not available for this term.

  • If you are still interested in registering for the course, you can enroll in the Waitlist. For example, if you want to register in FREN 101-202 for Term 2, but it is currently blocked, please enroll in the FREN 101 W02 Waitlist. If there is enough interest, it will most likely be offered.

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