Minor in Spanish

To graduate with a Minor degree in Spanish, students must complete SPAN 221 (along with any courses needed to prepare for it) and 18 credits from upper level Spanish courses (i.e. 300 — 400 level).

First and Second Years

SPAN 101 (3) Beginners’ Spanish I
SPAN 102 (3) Beginners’ Spanish II
SPAN 201 (3) Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 202 (3) Intermediate Spanish II

Students who have studied Spanish before or for whom Spanish is a heritage language may be exempted from completing some of the lower-level course load. If this is your case, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor for Spanish (Majors and Minors).

3 credits

SPAN 221 (3) Introduction to Hispanic Literature

*Note that SPAN 221 is taught in Spanish and is a prerequisite of upper-level literature courses.

Third and Fourth Years (18 credits)

6 credits

SPAN 301 (3) Advanced Spanish I
SPAN 302 (3) Advanced Spanish II

At least 6 credits from:

SPAN 357 (3) The Golden Age of Peninsular Literature and Culture
SPAN 358 (3) Divergent Visions: Peninsular Literature and Culture since 1700
SPAN 364 (3) Colonial Encounters in Spanish-American Literature and Culture
SPAN 365 (3) Modern Magics: Spanish-American Literature and Culture since the 1820s

At least 6 credits from:

SPAN 321 (3) Tradition and Diversity in Spanish History and Culture
SPAN 322 (3) Dependency and Revolution in Latin American History and Culture
SPAN 401 (3) Translation
SPAN 402 (3) Advanced Spanish III
SPAN 403 (3) History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 404 (3-6) From World to Screen: Topics in Hispanic Cinema
SPAN 405 (3-6) Celebrating Diversity: Topics in Peninsular and Latin-American Culture
SPAN 406 (3) Breaking the Mold: Gender Representation(s) in Hispanic Literature and Culture
SPAN 410 (3-6) Multicultural Beginnings: Topics in Medieval Literature and Culture
SPAN 411 (3) Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 420 (3-6) Ascent and Decline: Topics in Golden-Age Peninsular Literature and Culture
SPAN 430 (3-6) Modernization and Autonomy: Topics in Peninsular Literature and Culture since the 18th Century
SPAN 450 (3-6) Discourse and Dialect: Topics in Spanish Language
SPAN 470 (3-6) Imperial Eyes and Foundational Fictions: Topics in Spanish-American Colonial and Nineteenth-Century Culture
SPAN 490 (3-6) Peoples and Nations: Topics in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Spanish-American Culture
SPAN 495 (3-6) Research Intensive Seminar in Spanish Literature and Culture