Italian Studies

Ciao a tutti e tutte!

Italian at UBC is a discipline-based subject of study taught, researched and experienced from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Our faculty consists of a team of teachers and scholars based in a number of Departments, whose expertise spans many fields of study, and this is reflected in the courses we offer.

Our Minor program intends to go beyond the “language-leading-to-literature” model: over the centuries, Italian culture has reverberated worldwide in many disciplines whose wealth could never be housed under the roof of a single academic unit. Thus, our aim for the 21st century is to project the study of both language and literature onto a multidisciplinary cultural continuum that reflects the diversity of the world around us.

Enrolling in Italian language classes at UBC you will be able to take part in community learning projects — “Community Service Learning” or CSL — and practice the language with native speakers. You will also be regularly informed about all the activities connected to Italian and Italy that take place in the Vancouver area.

Please note: all courses taught in the Italian language are labeled ITAL, and all courses taught in English are labeled ITST.

For schedule and description of courses currently offered, check here.

We look forward to seeing you in one or more of our new and old courses!!!

Daniela Boccassini, Professor
Carlo Testa, Professor

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