Hispanic Studies

Why Spanish?

Expand your horizons! Learn Spanish and join a community of 500 million other Spanish speakers worldwide. Spanish is the official language of Spain and most of the Americas. In the USA, Spanish is the second most-spoken language; Canada has over half a million native speakers, with more people learning every year.

From Madrid to Mexico City, Lima to Los Angeles, Spanish is the language of commerce and culture, passion and politics, options and opportunities. Your work prospects, travel plans, and ability to find your way in an increasingly interconnected world will all be enhanced the more Spanish you learn.

UBC offers Spanish language, literature, and culture courses for students at all levels, from absolute beginners to native speakers. We teach the language in the context of common tasks and situations, so that it is immediately useful and memorable. Tandem programs and community interaction enable real-world communication from the start. We also introduce you to Spanish and Latin American customs and traditions, writing and film, to enhance your cultural awareness and sense of global citizenship.

Advanced courses focus on particular aspects of language or culture, from Translation to the Latin American novel, Spanish film to questions of gender, colonialism, modernization, or separatism. From Don Quijote to “Despacito,” lyric poetry to urban graffiti, Che Guevara to Pablo Picasso, we offer you new ways of seeing the world and situating yourself in it.

A major or minor in Spanish is perfect for motivated students with a passion for language, literature, and culture, who are excited by imaginative, interdisciplinary, and provocative approaches to study and life. A Spanish degree teaches you about connection, communication, and community, and fits well with a major or minor in another language, or with subjects such as Anthropology, History, Political Science, Geography, and many more.

Our graduates are equipped for any field in which connection and internationalism count: from business to law, education to development work, journalism to public relations, diplomacy to tourism.

Your teachers come from all over the world, and range from graduate students who are exploring new fields of knowledge to professors with years of experience and international reputations. Ours is a vibrant and growing program, friendly and full of enthusiasm. We are active within the university and outside it, and have links with many other top-ranked programs across Canada, the Americas, and Europe.

So try a class, consider a major, drop by an office hour, learn something new, challenge yourself, enjoy yourself, make a connection, engage, prosper, give something back.

It’s surprising and inspiring. Don’t leave it to mañana.