Research Spotlight

Jennifer Nagtegaal: Drawing, Comics & Animation in Hispanic Visual Culture

Jennifer Nagtegaal — PhD Student in Hispanic Studies

Research Spotlight: Modes of Resistance in Dominican Literature

Dr. Ramón Antonio Victoriano, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies at UBC, explores the representation of “blackness” and different modes of resistance in Dominican literature. Research My research project is titled Blood, Blacks and Books: Dominican Culture under Balaguer, 1966-1978. I would like to explore the representation of “blackness” that emerges in the literary production of […]

Research Spotlight: Gender, Genre & Economic Transactions in Literature

Dr. Elizabeth Lagresa-González, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies at UBC, investigates the intersection between gender, genre, and cross-cultural transactions in literature.   My research examines what Mary Louis Pratt calls contact zones: “spaces where disparate cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other, often in highly asymmetrical relations of domination and subordination.”[1] Early modern literature […]

Research Spotlight: The Evolution of a “Poetics of Ruins”

Dr. Vincent Gélinas-Lemaire, Assistant Professor of French Studies at UBC, tracks the evolution of a “poetics of ruins” in French and Québécois literature — and what they say about a growing sense of worry in our societies. Research We are living in times of worry. National narratives in Europe and North America are being shaken […]

Research Spotlight: Post-Nationalism in Mexican and Central American Narrative Fiction

Dr. Tamara Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies at UBC, examines how globalization is leveraged by Latin American thinkers and artists to critique and shape world relations. Research My research focuses on Mexican and Central American narrative fiction in the age of neoliberal globalization. The central question my work addresses is how “national literatures” (Mexican […]

Research Spotlight: Mobilities & Cultures — Italy, China, North America

Dr. Gaoheng Zhang seeks to refine cultural mobility analysis through a case study on Italy, China and North America. "I aim to produce a new line of inquiry within mobility analysis at UBC: a humanistic, interpretive, multilingual, culturally sensitive scholarship on multiple and intersecting mobilities..."

Research Spotlight: Bridging Transatlantic & Transpacific Studies

Dr. Kim Beauchesne offers a decentered perspective on the cultural contacts between Asia, the Americas and Europe. "This approach, which is often neglected in studies about the Spanish empire mostly concerned with transatlantic exchanges, will offer a decentered and global perspective that challenges Eurocentrism and allows a comprehensive knowledge of the world, in the past and the present..."