Research Spotlight

Research Spotlight: Mobilities & Cultures — Italy, China, North America

Dr. Gaoheng Zhang seeks to refine cultural mobility analysis through a case study on Italy, China and North America. "I aim to produce a new line of inquiry within mobility analysis at UBC: a humanistic, interpretive, multilingual, culturally sensitive scholarship on multiple and intersecting mobilities..."

Research Spotlight: Bridging Transatlantic & Transpacific Studies

Dr. Kim Beauchesne offers a decentered perspective on the cultural contacts between Asia, the Americas and Europe. "This approach, which is often neglected in studies about the Spanish empire mostly concerned with transatlantic exchanges, will offer a decentered and global perspective that challenges Eurocentrism and allows a comprehensive knowledge of the world, in the past and the present..."

Research Spotlight: Arts & Ideology in the 21st-Century Arab World

Dr. Farid Laroussi uncovers the connection between arts and ideology in the Arab world. "My critical interest bears on the intimate connection between arts, politics and culture in a vast region that is usually associated with strife and conflict..."

Research Spotlight: Refashioning Women Writers of the French Renaissance

Dr. Nancy Frelick analyzes constructions or preconceptions surrounding gender. "Even though much has been done to change preconceptions about women and gender in the last few decades, one still encounters troubling assumptions and gender biases, as some twenty-first century critics and editors continue to dismiss early modern women's writing..."

Research Spotlight: A Cognitive & Philological Investigation of Genre in Medieval French Literature

Dr. Patrick Moran examines experimental medieval texts and how literary genres emerge. "In order to understand the specific context of early French literature, it is sometimes useful to forget what we know about a given genre and focus on its earliest proponents – in all their glorious oddness – unencumbered by later rules and traditions..."

Research Spotlight: Utopian Memory in African & Caribbean Francophone Literatures

Dr. Gloria Onyeoziri-Miller contemplates the notion of 'memory' as a source of utopia. "Utopian memory in African and Caribbean literatures is a dialogical practice related to oral tradition where previously underrepresented voices come to the foreground and where fixed social roles are subject to challenge..."

Research Spotlight: African Diaspora Literature, Culture & Technology in Brazil

Dr. Alessandra Santos explores the dynamics of African diaspora in Brazil as expressed through art and developments in technology. "This research identifies the current state of diaspora in Brazil, particularly in relation to pressing social issues of race relations and social inequalities..."

Research Spotlight: Crimea – The Invisible War

Dr. Sima Godfrey investigates the concept of ‘collective forgetting’ in relation to France’s often overlooked role in the Crimean War. "What has made this project both so compelling and so challenging is that, as a literary historian, I am writing about something that is not there..."