Sessional Lecturer of French

Office Hours:
Mercredi/W: 14:30-15:30 drop in
Mardi/Tu: 14:30-15:15 drop in
Jeudi/Th: 14:30-15:15 By appointment

Ph.D., Paul Valery University
M.A., Paul Valery University

Dr. Somayeh Kamranian is a sessional instructor of the French language arts in the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies at British Columbia University. As well, she has had substantial experience in teaching French language arts to non-native speakers ever since the year 2005.

Dr. Kamranian has an excellent knowledge of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) and as a certified DELF/DALF examiner, she worked at the Institute of French Studies for Foreign Learners at Paul Valery University, France, in 2014.

Following the year 2015, Dr. Kamranian has been teaching the French Language in the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies. In addition, she has also taught non-credit courses in the Extended Learning Department of the University of British Columbia.

Furthermore, Somayeh also taught the French Literature and certain Language courses as a limited-lecturer and sessional instructor at the French department of Simon Fraser University. Moreover, her professional experience also includes her instructional period at the Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Dr. Kamranian is a specialist of 17th- and 18th -century French literature. Her Ph.D. thesis focuses on different aspects of mystical writing in the seventeenth century (John of St. Samson). She also studied the philosophical theme of cosmopolitanism through several books of the eighteenth century. Dr. Kamranian is further fascinated by the presented clarity of the style the writers of the seventeenth century encompass as well as the free spirit of the Enlightenment.

Below you could find the list of the courses she taught:

UBC, Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies :

FREN 101 Beginners’ French I

FREN 102 Beginners’ French I

FREN 111 Elementary French II

FREN 112 Elementary French II

FREN 122 Contemporary French Language and Literature I

FREN 123 Intermediate French II

SFU, French Department:

FREN 120 French for Beginners

FREN 211 Intermediate French II

FREN 245 Introduction to Literary Studies

FREN 341 Survey of French Literature to 1600

FREN 345 Survey of French Literature from 1600 to 1789

FREN 344 Survey of French Literature after 1789

FREN 441 Topics in French Literature from the middle ages to the Eighteenth Century

FREN 476 Interdisciplinary Approaches in French Literature

KPU, Department of Language and Cultures

FREN 1100 French for Beginners I

FREN 1101 French for Beginners II,

FREN 3300/3301 Upper Intermediate French I & II

UBC, Extended Learning

French Beginner 1

French Beginner 2

French Lower Intermediate

French Intermediate and Advanced

French Three-week Summer Institute


  • French language, literature and culture
  • 18th century French literature, Cosmopolitanism
  • 17th century French literature, Spiritual French literature
Winter 2019

FREN101 Beginners' French I Sections

Basic vocabulary, the rudiments of grammar and familiarization with cultures of the French-speaking world. This course is aligned with level A1 objectives of the CEFR.

Winter 2019

FREN112 Elementary French II Sections

A continuation of FREN 111. This course aligned with level A2 objectives of the CEFR.

Winter 2019

FREN111 Elementary French I Sections

Continued improvement in listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course is aligned with level A2 objectives of the CEFR.

Winter 2019

FREN102 Beginners' French II Sections

A continuation of FREN 101. This course is aligned with level A1 objectives of the CEFR.