Associate Professor of Spanish
Associate Head of Hispanic Studies
Undergraduate Advisor for Majors and Minors in Hispanic Studies

Jon Beasley-Murray has a Ph.D. from Duke University.


  • Latin American cultural, literary, and political history
  • The Latin American left and social movements
  • Colonial Latin America and its maritime links with Spain
  • The theory and practice of Latin American cultural studies
  • Globalization and global latinidad
  • Continental philosophy, especially Deleuze and Guattari and Bourdieu
  • Italian social theory, such as Antonio Negri and autonomia
  • Cultural studies and Marxist theory


Posthegemony.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2010.

Latin America’s Left Turns. Co-edited with Max Cameron and Eric Hershberg.  Special issue of Third World Quarterly 30.2 (2009).

The New Latin Americanism: Cultural Studies Beyond Borders. Special issue of the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 11.3 (December 2002)

Subaltern Affect. Co-edited with Alberto Moreiras. Special issue of Angelaki 6.1 (April 2001).