Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 301 (CFER B1-1) is a course for intermediate students in which language skills are deepened towards an advanced intermediate level. The objective of the course is for students to broaden and deepen their communication skills (orality, writing and listening), as well as linguistic reflection through the study of grammar in context. Review of basic grammar topics and introduction of new structures in complex contexts.  The course emphasizes recognizing the social and cultural diversity of the Hispanic world by exposing students to literary and non-literary texts, art and audiovisual expressions. The course includes readings, analysis of texts, original compositions, English/Spanish grammar and comparison exercises, discussions and oral presentations in which students must demonstrate not only their linguistic progress but also their capacity for critical reflection. Classes are conducted in Spanish and students must use the Spanish language in their interactions and written assignments. The course may include volunteer opportunities in community projects related to the Hispanic community*. Students have the opportunity to learn and apply their skills in community-based projects through the FHIS Spanish for Community, with community organizations in Metro Vancouver and/or in Latin America. Attendance, preparation and active participation are essential requirements of the course.

*SPAN 301 may include Community Engaged Learning in all or some of the sections (see sections notes) with different options for participation. Projects are fully integrated in the course curriculum reflected in the learning outcomes and assessments. When integrated as mandatory component, the projects will not requiere onsite time, only optional or volunteer-based projects may have some outside class time.

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Required readings:

Repase y escriba: Curso avanzado de gramática y composición, 7th Edition
Maria Canteli Dominicis
ISBN: 978-1-118-50931-9
Hard copy or e-text

Prerequisite: One of SPAN 202, SPAN 207, SPAN 12.

Language of Instruction: Spanish

The sequence of Spanish language courses SPAN 101/102, 201/202, 301/302 is designed for non native speakers.

The Department of FHIS reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any of its language courses to a student who has, in the view of the Department, a level of competence unsuited to that course. Enrollment at or below the level the student has already attained is not permitted.