Elementary Italian II

Italian 202 (3) is a continuation of Italian 201 and is conducted according to the same format. It naturally builds on Italian 201 and includes additional communicative, reading, writing and listening activities as well as new cultural topics. This course is based on the guidelines provided by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for A2 language level. More specifically, upon successful completion of Italian 202 course, students “communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters and can describe in simple terms aspects of their background, immediate environment and matters in areas of immediate need.”

The various evaluation methods which include peer reading exercises, 2-stage oral exams, peer writing, blogs or group videos are tied to overall course objectives and are meant to help the students assess their own progress in all four language skills and on their cultural competency as well. All activities and class discussions are conducted in Italian.

Students enrolled in both sections 202-201 and 202 will have the opportunity of participating in a Community Service Learning component which will allow them to get in touch with the Italian community in Vancouver and reflect on some interesting cultural elements. This work will count for a percentage of the students’ final grade, and, more importantly, will be a truly unique opportunity to put the language into practice. Details of the project will be found in the published Syllabus.

Language of instruction: Italian

Recommended prerequisite: ITAL 201

20% Preparation
25% Participation
15% Quizzes (3)
15% Oral Assignments
25% Final Written Exam

2% Extra credits*

Rosella Bozzone Costa, Chiara Ghezzi and Monica Piantoni, Nuovo Contatto A2 w/audio CD (Level A2, Common European Framework), Loescher.