Proseminar II: Literary and Cultural Theory

Cross-listed with SPAN592.

This course is mandatory for all MA students who will/might pursue a thesis and for all incoming PhD students (who have not taken the Proseminar before). The course is optional for all other graduate students.

The second part of the Graduate Proseminar will build on the skills, practices, and reflections we have developed previously. It will be structured around two principal goals. The first is to support an interdisciplinary discussion on the roles and uses of theory at the graduate level, in both literary and cultural studies. In order to widen our perspectives, a variety of guest scholars will offer lectures and workshops centered on practical questions. The second is to develop a research project that will reproduce the processes and expectations of the academic world. As such, scaffolded assignments will lead to the end-of-semester presentation of a conference of publishable essay.

This Proseminar is founded on the strong belief that graduate students can benefit from collaborating with all members of their cohorts, regardless of degree or field. Its usefulness also depends on your dedication to a cultural and intellectual life that goes beyond the classroom.

Some aspects of the program may be adjusted during semester to best support the seminar’s goal, but only with clear support from the students. All coursework will be completed in English, unless noted otherwise. This course must be complemented by Proseminar I.

Required readings:

Required readings we available as excerpts on Canvas.

Language of instruction: English

Coordinator: Dr. Vincent Gélinas-Lemaire