Critical Writing

The course topic differs each term, depending on the instructor.

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Portrait of Christine de Pizan (British Library, Harley MS 4431 f. 4)

Taught by Dr. Isabelle Delage-Beland

FREN 321 provides advanced training in writing a variety of types of papers in French with emphasis placed on writing that requires the student to think critically and creatively, support generalizations, and appropriately acknowledge sources of information, which is particularly relevant given the rise of AI tools. Students will be introduced to art of revision, focusing on the formal study of usage and grammar, the mastery of rhetorical strategies, and the careful reading of academic and non-academic texts as models. This course will give students the tools to encounter the various stages of the writing process with confidence (brainstorming, gathering evidence, considering audience, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading). At the end of the course, students will be able to produce a variety of expository essays, abstracts, and critical analysis over various cultural objects.

Throughout the term, the instructor will make use of varied pedagogical techniques, including several of the following: lecturing, small and large discussion groups, collaborative projects, peer revision of drafts, and interactive activities.

Grading Breakdown:

In-class assignments = 20%
Writing tasks (individual and collaborative) = 55%
Final paper = 20%
Participation and engagement = 5%

Total = 100%

*This information is subject to change.


Course materials will be provided on Canvas.

Language of instruction: French

Prerequisite: One of FREN 123, FREN 302