Critical Writing

La machine à écrire de René Goscinny (exposition René Goscinny, Au-delà du rire, Paris, 9 février 2018).

Taught by Dr. Katharina Piechocki

Practical tools for university-level writing in French. Apply stylistic devices and rhetorical structures to form questions and arguments, analyse literary and cultural objects, and produce a variety of essay genres.

Required readings:

  • Paragraphes. Pratiques de rédaction. Popica, M., Ste-Marie, I. Éditions CEC, 2014.
    Guide littéraire : analyse, plan, rédaction, procédés, courants, genres. Pilote, C. Éditeur Beauchemin, 2017.
  • Other texts and articles will be available on Canvas and through the UBC library system as well as internet websites.

Stylistics and Literary Analysis Methodology

Taught by Dr. Farid Laroussi

This is an introduction course on literary analysis, with an emphasis on stylistics and French methodology for close reading and argumentative writing. We will study diverse ranges of genre and sources: prose fiction, poetry, and journalistic production. Elements of bibliographical research will also be included. The goal for this course is to provide students with terms and tools to further their literary studies. Course materials will be provided in class: hand-outs, on Canvas, or via the Koerner Library webpage.

Evaluation: short essays, online discussion forums, one midterm examination, one paper

Prerequisites: One of FREN 220, FREN 221, FREN 311.

Language of instruction: French