Critical Writing

La machine à écrire de René Goscinny (exposition René Goscinny, Au-delà du rire, Paris, 9 février 2018).

Practical tools for university-level writing in French. Apply stylistic devices and rhetorical structures to form questions and arguments, analyse literary and cultural objects, and produce a variety of essay genres.

Required readings:

Paragraphes. Pratiques de rédaction. Popica, M., Ste-Marie, I. Éditions CEC, 2014.
Guide littéraire : analyse, plan, rédaction, procédés, courants, genres. Pilote, C. Éditeur Beauchemin, 2017.
Other texts and articles will be available on Canvas and through the UBC library system as well as internet websites.

Prerequisites: One of FREN 220, FREN 221, FREN 311.

Language of instruction: French