Course type: Hybrid

A hybrid course may involve a combination of synchronous activities (done in “real time”) and asynchronous activities (done in one’s own time). The course will be delivered online.

FREN 112 is the continuation of FREN 111: A low intermediate course for non-specialists, focused on the discovery and appreciation of diverse aspects of francophone culture, based on printed documents, audio-visual material and the Internet. If you are unsure whether this is the appropriate level of French course for you, click here.

Required text:
Course materials will be available on-line.

Prerequisite: FREN 111 or equivalent

Successful completion of FREN 112 satisfies the Faculty of Arts Language Requirement.
Not available for credit to students with FREN 12.

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Elementary French II

A continuation of the A2 level work begun in FREN 111, focused on the understanding of detached sentences and expressions related to everyday life (such as personal and familial information, regular purchases, one’s immediate environment including home, community and workplace).

French grammatical structures such as uses of pronouns, the future tense and hypothetical sentences will be studied with an interactive approach, stressing communicative competence.

This practice will include:

  • communicating in the context of the practical exchange of information on familiar and socially relevant topics.
  • understanding longer spoken messages,
  • reading short texts such as personal letters and newspaper articles,
  • expressing practical ideas and opinions both orally and in writing.
  • learning about diverse cultures of the French-speaking world.

Three hours a week will be devoted to providing students with useful tools for everyday situations they are likely to encounter in a French speaking region.

At the end of the semester, students will be able to understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance, to communicate in routine tasks requiring direct exchange of information on familiar matters, to describe aspects of their background, immediate environment and ordinary needs.

Lectures and class discussions are mostly conducted in French. If you are unsure whether this is the appropriate level of French course for you, click here.

Required Text
Cosmopolite 2, Éditions Hachette

Recommended Text
La grammaire du français A2, Éditions Maison des langues

Prerequisite: One of FREN 11, FREN 111, FREN 102 or equivalent

Note: Not available for credit to students with FREN 12, FREN 112 or equivalent.

The sequence of French language courses FREN101/102, 111/112, 122/123, 224/225 is designed for non native speakers.
The Department of FHIS reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any of its language courses to a student who has, in the view of the Department, a level of competence unsuited to that course. Enrollment at or below the level the student has already attained is not permitted.

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