Beginners’ French II

A continuation of the A1 level work begun in FREN 101 and its journey into the French language and around the Francophone world. With an approach that is communicative and collaborative, and inductive and interactive, the course develops understanding and the mobilization of knowledge as savoir-faire.

FREN 102 involves three hours per week of classroom work. At the end of the course, students will be able to understand simple communication and to communicate simply about familiar and frequently-encountered topics.

Classes are mostly conducted in French, with some English as needed for explanation.

Language of instruction: English

Recommended prerequisite: FREN 101

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D. Abi Mansour, S. Anthony, P. Fenoglio, K. Papin, A. Soucé, M. Vergues. Odyssée 1 : Livre de l’élève. (Paris: CLÉ International, 2021).

  • E-book version: ISBN 9782090348538
  • Printed version: ISBN 9782090355697


Lena Rio. Odyssée 1 : Cahier d'activités. (Paris: CLÉ International, 2021).

  • E-book version: ISBN 9782090348576
  • Printed version: ISBN 9782090355703

Complementary materials from Odyssée 1:

  • Odyssée 1 audio and video online
  • How to set up your e-books

These materials are used for both FREN 101 and FREN 102. You can use the ISBN numbers to research other suppliers and their prices: