The Dorothy Dallas Centre

Dorothy Dallas was a long-time member of the Department of French at the University of British Columbia, where she taught seventeenth-century French literature from 1933 to 1967.

getimage-1-exeWhen she passed away, in 1992, she left a bequest to the Department, specifying that the income from the endowed fund created in her name be used to promote research in seventeenth and eighteenth-century French studies.

The Dorothy Dallas Centre for Seventeenth and Eighteenth-century French Studies is a means of honouring her contribution to UBC and bringing together all of the activities that are made possible by the Dorothy Dallas Fund: invited speakers, conferences, a PhD fellowship, research assistantships, and original pamphlets from the French Revolution.


  • 2015: Sade: réflexions à chaud sur un bicentenaire encore tiède
  • 2006: Littérature et libertinage au XVIIe siècle
  • 2000: La femme au XVIIe siècle
  • 1999: Writing the Body in Early Modern France
  • 1997: Sexualité, mariage et famille au XVIIIe siècle

Visiting Speakers

  • 2013: Ugo Dionne (Université de Montréal)
  • 2012: Geoffrey Turnovsky (University of Washington)
  • 2011: Julia Douthwaite (University of Notre Dame)
  • 2010: Dan Edelstein (Stanford University)
  • 2010: Isabelle Moreau (King’s College, London)
  • 2010: Michel Delon (Université Paris IV-Sorbonne)
  • 2009: Benoît Melançon (Université de Montréal)
  • 2007: Pierre Saint-Amand (Brown University)
  • 2006: Michèle Rosellini (ENS, Lyon)
  • 2004: Delphine Denis (Université Paris IV-Sorbonne)
  • 2002: Franck Lestringant (Université Paris IV-Sorbonne)
  • 2002: Patrick Dandrey (Université Paris IV-Sorbonne)
  • 2001: Jean-Charles Darmon (Versailles Saint-Quentin)
  • 2001: Georges Forestier (Université Paris IV-Sorbonne)
  • 2000: Christie McDonald (Harvard University)
  • 2000: Domna Stanton (University of Michigan)
  • 1999: Jean Serroy (Université Stendhal, Grenoble)
  • 1999: Cynthia Skenazi (University of Cal. at Santa Barbara)
  • 1999: Gisèle Mathieu-Castellani (Université Paris VII)
  • 1998: Mireille Rosello (Univeristy of Nottingham)
  • 1998: Lawrence Kritzman (Dartmouth University)
  • 1997: Louis Van Delft (Université Paris X)
  • 1997: Christian Biet (Université Paris X)
  • 1997: George Van Den Abbeele (University of Cal. at Davis)
  • 1995: Béatrice Didier (ENS, Paris)
  • 1995: Jean-Marie Apostolidès (Stanford University)

Visiting Professors

  • 2009: Françoise Gaillard (U. Paris VII)
  • 1997: Christian Biet (U. Paris X)
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