Women Filmmakers

Cover_Women FilmmakersValerie Raoul —

What difference does it make when a woman wields the camera? What is the relationship of the work and experience of women filmmakers to feminism and feminist theory? Have issues of gender in films by women been eclipsed by issues of race and class? How has the situation of women filmmakers changed over the past twenty years? Women Filmmakers: Refocusing casts a critical eye on the often-overlooked work of women filmmakers. It provides a rich sampling of the wealth of thought and experience of women in the film industry and brings together in a unique way the views of creators and critics from around the world. This wide-ranging volume includes contributions from prominent filmmakers and scholars, such as Helma Sanders Brahms, Deepa Mehta, Pratibha Parmar, Margarethe von Trotta, Ann Wheeler, and E. Ann Kaplan. Questions of history and theory, genre, creativity, funding and distribution, national and cultural identity, and class all come to the fore in this unparalleled contemporary study of women’s film culture. Equally accessible to non-specialists and researchers, this book will appeal to filmmakers, film studies faculty and students, film buffs, and those with an interest in women’s studies and cultural studies.


Valerie Raoul (co-ed. with J. Levitin and J. Plessis), Women Filmmakers : Refocusing, UBC Press, 2003.
ISBN: 0774809027