Text Technology

Text TechnologyWilliam Winder and R.G. Siemens —

This collection is jointly published as a special issue of the electronic journal Computing in the Humanities Working Papers and the print publication Text Technology. These essays have evolved from papers given at conference sessions held during the 1998 Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Ottawa, Canada, and jointly sponsored by the Consortium for Computers in the Humanities and the Association for Canadian College and University Teachers of English. These papers continue an exploration that the two associations have, over several years of aligned sessions, pursued together — an exploration that is given voice in earlier collections that we have had the pleasure of overseeing: Technologising the Humanities / Humanitising the Technologies (from the 1997 sessions, published in electronic form by Computing in the Humanities Working Papers [September 1998] and, in print, by Text Technology 8.2 [1998]: 1-63 and 8.3 [1998]: 1-76) and Scholarly Discourse and Computing Technology: Perspectives on Pedagogy, Research, and Dissemination in the Humanities (from the 1996 sessions, a similar joint special issue of the print journal Text Technology 6.3 [1996]: 137-216 and the electronic journal Computing in the Humanities Working Papers [April 1997]).


William Winder and R.G. Siemens. Text Technology, Volume 2, 2001.
ISBN: 917058887