Exchanges and Parallels between Italy and East Asia

This collection of essays is the first English-language study to present the latest research on Italy’s cultural relationships with China and Japan across the centuries. It explores topics ranging from travel writing to creative arts, from translation to religious accommodation, and from Cold War politics to Chinese American cuisine.

The volume draws on the expertise of an interdisciplinary group of scholars trained and working in Europe, East Asia, and North America who re-assess research foci and frames, showcase transcultural and theoretically-informed research, and help to strengthen this field of study.

Gaoheng Zhang is Assistant Professor of Italian Studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He is a leading cultural critic of Chinese migration to Italy, and is the author of the book Migration and the Media: Debating Chinese Migration to Italy, 1992-2012 (2019).

Mario Mignone founded the Center for Italian Studies at Stony Brook University, USA, and was its Director until his death in 2019. During his career, he served as the editor of Forum Italicum and authored around 50 scholarly articles and seven books. In recognition of his extraordinary professional service and scholarly work, he was bestowed with the “Cavaliere Ufficiale al merito della Repubblica”, awarded by the President of the Italian Republic.