Arnaldo Canibal Antunes

Cover_Arnaldo Canibal AntunesAlessandra Santos —

Arnaldo Canibal Antunes analyzes the work of a prominent contemporary Brazilian artist. The book’s main argument is that Arnaldo Antunes’ oeuvre is a reinterpretation of cultural cannibalism as a concept of critical appropriations. In addition, it offers a historical synthesis of the cultural movements Antropofagia, Concrete Poetry and Tropicália, presenting critical perspectives on these tendencies in relation to the international arts. In general, the book examines dialogues between poetry and other mediums—including music and visual arts—and probes the current importance of Antropofagia, which Augusto de Campos called “the only original Brazilian philosophy.” Specifically, Antunes’ multimedia work serves as a platform to investigate innovative art during an era of economic globalization in Latin America.

Alessandra Santos, Arnaldo Canibal Antunes, São Paulo: Editora nVersos, 2013.
ISBN: 978-85-64013-47-6