Assistant Professor of French
Associate Head of French Studies
Undergraduate Advisor for Majors, Minors and Honours in French Studies

Office Hours:
Friday 11:30-12:30
And by appointment

MA, Université de Perpignan
DEA, École des hautes études en sciences sociales
PhD, University of Toronto

In the early 90s Bill Winder completed his thesis at the University of Toronto on the automatic semantic analysis of literary texts and joined what was then UBC’s French Department. His research bridges both language and literature in the areas of semantics and semiotics, and particularly in the area of computer applications that focus on the question: To what degree can  meaning be captured through formal procedures? His more recent projects are building databases for data mining of aligned French-English bilingual corpora.


  • Computational and formalist approaches to the semantics of language and literature
  • Computational lexicology and semiotics
  • Linguistic and literary database design, implementation and exploitation for computer-assisted translation, interpretation, semantic analysis, etc.
  • Social and political impact of writing technology in France and Québec


Development of a rich collocation database (Hansard Collocation Database II) and the software and contrastive linguistics for semantic analysis and language learning.


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Winter 2019

FREN222 French Language and Style I Sections

Grammar, vocabulary, composition, language in context.