Lecturer of Spanish
Undergraduate Advisor for first and second year Spanish

M.A., Washington State University

In addition to teaching Spanish, Stephanie Spacciante serves as Undergraduate Advisor for 1st and 2nd year Spanish students.  She is an active member of the Graduate TA Training and Monitoring Committee, and is the course coordinator for Spanish 201/202.
Stephanie Spacciante is the Summer Study Abroad Director for the Department of FHIS’s programs in South America.  She specializes in designing, implementing, and directing academic total immersion programs in Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba and Costa Rica.


Named as one of the Top Instructors in Faculty of Arts, by Dean Gage Averill.  2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
UBC Killam Teaching Award, 2008
Clemson University Teaching Award, 2003
Clemson Interfrat., NPHC & Panhellenic Council Outstanding Faculty Award, 2001

Winter 2018

SPAN101 Beginners' Spanish I Sections

Fundamentals of the Spanish language; speaking and writing on everyday activities and future plans in the context of common tasks and situations, including interactive communication, grammatical explanations, and cultural awareness.

Winter 2018

SPAN201 Intermediate Spanish I Sections

Reviews the fundamentals of the Spanish language, and introduces more complex structures; listening, speaking, writing, and reading on a range of situations related to everyday life and Hispanic culture.

Winter 2018

SPAN202 Intermediate Spanish II Sections

Expands on the fundamentals of the Spanish language, and presents more complex structures in a variety of tenses and modes; interacting through discussions and gaining cultural awareness through literature and film.