Sessional Lecturer of Spanish

María Adelaida Escobar is originally from Colombia where she initially studied Philosophy and Literature to then pursue her studies in English and Hispanic Literature and Cultures. Her main interests are transcultural interactions, identity and gender dialogues in and between the cultures of Spain and Latin America. She specializes in modern –Francoist– and contemporary Spanish literature and culture and transatlantic cinema.  In her current research she is exploring the relationship between mothers and daughters, with focus on the transmission of personal and historic memories, in Spanish and Latin America women’s filmmakers and writers. Parallel to this, she is also investigating historical women’s emancipation movements in Latin America during the 20s to 50s.


  • Transcultural interactions between Spain and Latin America
  • Modern and contemporary Spanish literature and culture
  • Contemporary Spanish and Latin American women film makers
  • Theatre and Performance Studies
  • Francoist history and culture
  • Gender identity and gender transcultural dialogues


  • 2009, 2011, 2012 McCall MacBain Fellowship in Arts, McGill University.
  • 2011-2012 McGill Graduate Excellence Fellowship, McGill University.
  • 2011 Frank & Judith Kunz Fellowship in the Humanities, McGill University.
  • 2010 McGill Principal’s Graduate Fellowship, McGill University.
  • 2010 McGill, Faculty of Arts Graduate Award, McGill University.


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“El teatro como antídoto contra la opresión en Cómicos  (1953) de Juan Antonio Bardem.” Hecho Teatral 15 (2015): 109-130.

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