Lecturer of Spanish

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Winter 2019

SPAN201 Elementary Spanish I Sections

Expansion of fundamentals. Enhanced ability to exchange information, discuss the past and future, and express wishes, hopes and feelings in common personal and social contexts. Aligned with CEFR level A1-A2 objectives.

Winter 2019

SPAN206 Conversational Spanish I Sections

Emphasizes communication skills through discussion, debate, and presentations; developing oral fluency and listening comprehension, through discussion of written texts and films. May include experiential learning projects involving native speakers from the Hispanic community.

Winter 2019

SPAN202 Elementary Spanish II Sections

Expansion of fundamental notions and presentation of more elaborate structures in a variety of tenses and modes. Communicate to explore Hispanic culture and to hypothesize about present and past situations. Aligned with CEFR level A2 objectives.

Winter 2019

SPAN302 Intermediate Spanish II Sections

Expansion of and reflection on the use of complex grammatical structures in context to broaden lexical repertoire. Enhances proficiency through reading, writing, and discussion of relevant cultural topics. Aligned with CEFR level B1 objectives.

Winter 2019

SPAN301 Intermediate Spanish I Sections

Complex grammatical structures in context to enhance proficiency. Explores relevant cultural topics through reading, writing, and discussion. Aligned with CEFR level B1 objectives.