Assistant Professor of Spanish

Office hours: on sabbatical from 2020-2021


Ph.D., University of Toronto
M.A., University of Barcelona

I received a B.A. in Spanish and Latin American literature (Filología Hispánica) and a D.E.A. (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados) in Romance Literatures from the University of Barcelona. In 2013, I completed my Ph.D. in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Toronto. Before joining UBC, I held tenure-track appointments at Wright State University and Whitman College.

My teaching and research focus on gender and cultural studies in contemporary Spain, with a particular interest in literature, cinema and photography. I have published  on material culture, objects and the body in the Spanish-speaking world in peer-reviewed venues such as Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, and Romance Quarterly, and I have served as guest co-editor for a special volume of the Catalan Review.

My book manuscript Bilingual Legacies: Father Figures in Self Writings from Barcelona (1975-2005) (currently under consideration under the University of Toronto Press), examines how  authors who grew up during Francisco Franco’s dictatorship confronted and reconstituted the regime’s model of fatherhood and masculinity. The book focuses on the autobiographical works of writers born in Barcelona, including Carlos Barral, Juan Goytisolo, Terenci Moix and Clara Janés. In their works, these writers question the father as an all-powerful and repressive figure, firmly at the head of his family. Drawing on psychoanalysis as well as feminist, gender and autobiographical theory, the project contributes to current debates about gender identity and masculine subjectivity in the Spanish-speaking world.


Wall Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies (2018-2019)


  • Contemporary Peninsular Literature and Culture
  • Catalan Studies
  • Spanish and Latin American Cinema
  • Photography
  • Gender Theory, Feminism and Psychoanalysis
  • Autobiography and Self-writing
  • Material Culture


My current research project, “Confronting Europe: Tourism, Gender Models and Regional Consciousness in Spain” examines the representation of European tourism in Spain and its influence on the construction of gender and regional identities. Through the analysis of interdisciplinary “texts” such as films, photographs and advertisements as well as government and citizens’ initiatives, the project addresses the ambivalent discourse that has been forged around tourism in Spain from the 1960s to the present. The project contributes to a growing body of scholarship on European tourism in the Mediterranean world and underscores the importance of foreign bodies in shaping notions of masculinity, female sexuality and regional and national identities.


Journal Articles

“Feminine and Failed Suicides in Spanish Cinema.” Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos, vol. 42. no. 2, 2018, pp. 379-399. Co-authored with Claire Ranstrom.

“El simbolismo del cabello en la obra de María Luisa Bombal.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, vol. 95. no. 4, 2018, pp. 435-450.

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“Houses, Objects, and the Politics of Inheritance in Josep Maria de Sagarra’s Vida Privada.” Romance Quarterly, vol. 61, no 4, 2014, pp. 268-278.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

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