Guacamole for Justice: Free Cooking Class


Friday, November 16 | 4:30-6:30 pm @ NEST #2311

“Guacamole for Justice” is an interactive cooking class and discussion about the marginalization, isolation and exploitation often faced by Latin American migrant workers in BC and Canada. In addition to learning delicious recipes, you will learn how to think critically about where your produce comes from and about the lives and experiences of the people who grow it.

Members of the Migrant Workers Dignity Association (MWDA) and Latin American migrant workers employed at BC farms will be leading this discussion. All are welcome to attend this community event!

Background: Political, economic and environmental circumstances in Latin America have created a humanitarian crisis, which has led to the mass migration of more than 5,000 Honduran nationals heading through the borders of Guatemala and Mexico to the United States in search of work, safety and a better life. At a local level, the situation of migrant agricultural workers has also been in the news regarding a proposed change to the legal status of migrant farm workers in Canada, and reports of abuse towards workers in the Lower Mainland. This is the first awareness event and partnership between FHIS and MWDA that will lead to collaboration and linguistic-based projects in the future.

Dr. Maria Carbonetti
Director, Spanish for Community

This event is organized by SPAN 301 with the support of Spanish for Community.