UBC Giving Day: Invest in graduate students through the FHIS Department Fund

Invest in graduate student potential by making a gift to the FHIS Department Annual Fund on UBC Giving Day, April 4th.

Affordability is one of the greatest challenges faced by graduate students. Your gift to the FHIS Department Fund will directly support the research and professional growth of MA and PhD students in French and Hispanic Studies by funding student travel and thesis preparation costs that might otherwise be out of reach, opening up exciting opportunities for more in-depth research. It will also fund student initiative awards and teaching awards to rightfully recognize the outstanding contributions of our graduate students.

Every gift is more powerful when we make them together. In 24 hours, let’s make a difference like never before!

Invest in the future of French and Hispanic Studies.

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My doctoral research investigates the transformations of comics art within the 21st century and its emergence in new artistic environments. I will visit Madrid, the 'art capital' of Spain, and Barcelona, the nation’s 'city of comics' to inform my dissertation project. The Graduate Student Research Award will help offset the costs of travel related to this trip.

Jennifer Nagtegaal
PhD Candidate, Hispanic Studies

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