FHIS Instagram Contest 2024: Share Your Travel Photos

Have you travelled to a Romance language-speaking country or city? Submit photo(s) from your travels—with a short reflection describing your time there—to be featured on the Instagram account of UBC’s Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies (FHIS)!

Two winners will be selected by random draw to receive a UBC-branded hoodie.

Submission deadline: February 15, 2024 (Thursday) at 11:59 pm.

Winners will be contacted directly by email and announced on Instagram on February 27 (note: the date has changed from the previously stated February 22).


To be eligible to participate in this contest, you must be:

  • a current UBC student who has taken a French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, or Romance Studies course
  • following the FHIS Instagram Account (@UBC_FHIS)


  • Your travel photos must feature countries/cities where at least one of the Romance languages is considered an "official language" (e.g. Montreal, Canada; Paris, France; etc.).
  • Photos can include images of yourself, landscapes, architecture, artwork, food, etc. Please do not include photographs of other people aside from yourself in order to respect their privacy.
  • 1 country = 1 submission. Each contestant can enter up to a maximum of 3 submissions.
    • For example: If you want to submit travel photos from France and Italy, this will count as 2 separate submissions because you are featuring 2 different countries. You will be able to enter all of them within the same online form.
    • The more submissions you enter, the more chances you have of winning the prize draw.
  • Multiple photos per submission are permitted (but 1 photo will also suffice).
    • For example:
      • Submission #1: France — can include photos from Lyon, Paris, Nice
      • Submission #2: Italy — can include a photo from Rome only

The contest submissions will be posted on the FHIS Instagram account in batches over several days after the submission deadline, not all at once. So, if you see some contest submissions already posted, but yours isn't yet, fear not—yours will be published soon (assuming you have met the eligibility requirements).

Questions? Contact Celine (celine.diaz@ubc.ca).