Learning Centre

Our services are now offered online.

The FHIS Learning Centre is a free service available for students of all levels and languages of the FHIS curriculum (French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish). We offer student-centered conversation practice, tutoring (i.e. grammar and vocabulary questions), and help with the continued development of core skills (i.e. speaking, listening, reading, and writing) in order to become proficient in the languages that we teach.

Starting May 19th, the Learning Centre will be offering tutoring sessions and language tables online until further notice due to physical distancing protocols.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring is available for French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

To book an online tutoring session, follow these steps:

  1. Enroll in the FHIS Student Resources site by clicking here: https://canvas.ubc.ca/enroll/8RWFX4
  2. Click on "View Course Calendar" (on the right side)
  3. Click on "Find Appointment" (on the right side)
  4. Click on your desired appointment time and then click "Reserve" (on the bottom)

For tips on how to prepare for your tutoring session, click here.

Online Language Tables

Language Tables will be offered for French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Language Tables are an opportunity for you to practice your conversational skills in a relaxed learning environment. These guided conversations in your language of study are open to all levels.

No registration is required. To join a session:

Click here to view the Language Table schedule:

  1. Self-enroll in the FHIS Student Resources site: https://canvas.ubc.ca/enroll/8RWFX4
  2. Click on View Course Calendar (to the right of your page)
  3. Click on Find Appointment – “FHIS Student Resources”
  4. Click on your preferred Language Table on its scheduled date, then click “Reserve”(located toward the bottom of the window)

Click here to join the discussion when it is time for your scheduled Language Table: https://ca.bbcollab.com/guest/a8aeb90c41314ffa99bb2a4befb1a3a7

Preparing for Tutoring Sessions

Depending on the skill you want to develop, there are different ways to prepare for your tutoring session so that you can make the most out of it:

Students use listening and speaking skills to communicate with the tutor and others attending any given conversation-based session. For such exchanges, grammatical accuracy is not the focus, though tutors will make suggestions if communication is hindered due to grammatical errors. Conversation topics are chosen by the student(s) present and pertain to topics covered in FHIS language and conversation classes.

For questions related to grammar, vocabulary, and language usage, students are asked to have their textbooks, specific questions, and/or previously graded assignments at hand. Tutors will then provide students with brief explanations and strategies to problem solve and arrive at their own answers.

For help with reading and writing strategies, students are asked to have their textbook, assignment instructions, 2 copies of the writing piece in progress, and a list of their specific goals for the session at hand. It is good practice to consider 1-2 points per session and some students may choose to visit the centre more than once for each particular assignment.


Contact the Learning Centre at learningcentre.fhis@ubc.ca for inquiries.