M.A. Program in French

See Admission for entrance requirements.

The M.A. program provides for two options. The minimum credit requirement for either option is 30.

Course-based M.A.

1.    This option requires 30 credits of coursework, up to 3 of which may be drawn from 400-level undergraduate courses in literature or linguistics given in French.

M.A. with Thesis

1.    This option requires 24 credits of coursework numbered 500 and above in literature or linguistics given in French.

2.    French 599 (6) a Master’s Thesis written in either French or English. The length of the M.A. thesis should be approximately 80 pages including the bibliography.

3.    A one-and-a-half hour oral thesis defence normally conducted in the target language.

M.A. candidates in French who are interested primarily in Linguistics may write a thesis on an aspect of French Linguistics and will be permitted, after consultation with the Graduate Advisor, to supplement the Linguistics courses offered in the Department itself by taking courses elsewhere at UBC (in the Department of Linguistics or the Faculty of Education, for example), or at other universities under the Western Deans’ Agreement.

Only a concentration in linguistics is possible, however, and students specializing in this area will be required to take some courses in French Literature to complete their Master’s program.

When the language skills of a graduate student do not meet the expected standards of the Department during the first year of the program, this student, at the discretion of the Graduate Advisor, will have to take the appropriate undergraduate course(s) and obtain a minimum mark of 80%, in addition to the program’s course requirements

An annual progress report must be submitted by March 1st for every year that the student is enrolled in the program.

Time for Completion of Program

The maximum time permitted for the completion of a Master’s Program is five years. In certain circumstances, it is possible to complete the M.A. in a twelve-month period.  The maximum period of financial support for full-time study in the M.A. program is two years. The program is available to students on either a full-time or a part-time basis. There is no formal residence requirement.

Please refer to the M.A Thesis Guidelines.