Islamic Medieval Spain in Literature, History and Cultural Memory

Cross-listed with HIST 390D

This student-directed seminar invites students to examine the nexus of identity, race and power in Medieval Spain as a marker of transition towards ‘modernity’ (711-present). Topics include:

  • The emergence of Islamic rule;
  • the reconquest of Spain and the Crusades;
  • Legal history of the Inquisition, conversion, and expulsion;
  • The intersection between the image of the “other” and the legacy of the “New World”;
  • Nationalism, European integration, and immigration;
  • Contemporary debates around interfaith relations in Al-Andalus;
  • The conflicting systems of power in primary and secondary textual evidence, such as film, propaganda, and poetry.

Required readings: TBA

Language of instruction: English

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

Note: This course fulfills the Literature Requirement for the Bachelor of Arts.