Unfinished Revolutions
(in English)

Revolutions challenge the status quo.
Revolutionary leaders think differently.
They imagine change in times of conflict.

Spanish 280 is an introduction to major icons, concepts, practices and discourses of revolt and revolution in Latin America from 1910-present.  We will read accounts of “revolution” written by and about some of the most prevalent revel leaders – Pancho Villa, Che Guevara, Gioconda Belli, Omar Cabezas, and the rebel formerly known as Subcomandante Marcos – while studying the intersections of literary, political, and cultural production in Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.  This literature provides clues as to how to resolve real-world problems today and in the future.

Required texts

The Country Under My Skin (Gioconda Belli)
SPAN 280 Course Package

Prerequisite: None

Language of Instruction: English