Unfinished Revolutions
(in English)

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Revolutions challenge the status quo.
Revolutionary leaders think differently.
They imagine change in times of conflict.

Span 280 is an introduction to major icons, concepts, practices, and discourses of revolt and revolution from 1910-today. We will read first-hand accounts of “unfinished” revolutions written by and about some of the most prevalent rebel leaders and thinkers – Pancho Villa, Che Guevara, Gioconda Belli, the rebel formerly known as Subcomandante Marcos and Hugo Chávez, among others – and pinpoint key moments of success and (dare we say) failure in each of the movements studied. The course will also focus on the intersections of literary, political, and cultural production (music, art, graffiti, and film) in Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Required texts
Gioconda Belli, The Country Under My Skin.

Prerequisite: None

Language of Instruction: English