Introduction to Hispanic Literature

This course is a reading and writing intensive introduction to literary analysis of Hispanic texts, taking into account social, cultural, economic, political and historical contexts. The course employs an interdisciplinary and intersectional set of tools to discuss representative texts from Hispanic culture, ranging from the medieval period to the twenty-first century, from the Popol Vuh and Cervantes to Lorca and Borges. The readings and discussions will be designed to position race, gender, class, sexuality and other aspects in relation to an array of genres across varied periods—narrative, drama, poetry, film, and non-fiction prose. We will consider key literary conceptual and formal aspects of the various genres, as well as explore crucial questions in relation to the theme of voyages across space and time.

Required readings:
Virgillo et al. Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura hispánica. 7th Ed. McGraw-Hill, 2011.

Prerequisite: SPAN 202. Recommended: SPAN 206, 207, or 301. This course is required for the Major and Minor programs in Spanish.

Language of Instruction: Spanish

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