Conversational Spanish II

This course is a continuation of Spanish 206 (prerequisite or if the student has an equivalent proficiency with instructor permission) and follows the same format. It is designed to enhance communication skills and provide additional practice to improve oral expression and comprehension and reading and writing skills, while increasing awareness of Hispanic culture and community engagement through projects and interaction with guests from the Hispanic community. To know more about community projects, visit our site Spanish for Community.

It is geared toward students who already have a good general knowledge of grammar and a certain ability to express themselves orally but want to improve.

Students are expected to participate in discussions, debates and interactive presentations. Grammar will not be studied systematically, but a review of the most important aspects of it will be covered through oral practice exercises. Please note that Span 207 does not require any textbook; all audiovisual materials, written articles and exercises are available on line through the course webpage.

Evaluation is based on demonstrated proficiency in oral and written communication.

Some students register in this course concurrently with Span 302.

Prerequisite: SPAN 206

Language of Instruction: Spanish