Beginners’ Spanish II

SPAN 102 builds on topics and structures introduced in Spanish 101, and introduces learners to the fundamentals of the Spanish language through personalized activities that require interactive communication, intercultural knowledge, and real-world engagement with course materials. Throughout the semester, students will demonstrate an ability to listen to, discuss, read and write about everyday activities, and past, present, and future plans within the context of common situations and tasks.

Required readings: Exploraciones  (3rd edition), Blitt/Casas (Cengage Publishing, 2020), ISBN: 9781774747568

Prerequisite: SPAN 101

Language of Instruction: Spanish, with some clarification in English as needed

The sequence of Spanish language courses SPAN 101/102, 201/202, 301/302 is designed for non native speakers.

The Department of FHIS reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any of its language courses to a student who has, in the view of the Department, a level of competence unsuited to that course. Enrollment at or below the level the student has already attained is not permitted.