Amazonia is a vast and complex region in South America—the most bio-diverse on Earth—stretching over nine countries and home to 400 indigenous groups. This course will explore pressing environmental and cultural issues of our time through the study of the Amazon rainforest as it is represented in literature and films. The course offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the Amazon, taking into consideration its history, as well as social and political aspects related to the region and its major global impact. The course will be organized around themes such as: indigeneity; environment, ecosystems and sustainability; exploration; anthropology; shamanism; literary, cinema and popular culture representations. There will be presentations by guest speakers. Fulfills the Faculty of Arts Literature Requirement.

Required readings:
All texts for the course will be in English. Primary texts and short critical texts will be available on Canvas; films will be available through Koerner’s library when possible.

Prerequisite: None

Language of instruction: English

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