Second-Year Portuguese II

Welcome to the Lusophone world, the world of the Portuguese-speaking countries! Study the most widely spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere and the 5th most spoken native language in the world! PORT 202 is the second half of second-year Portuguese language learning through a culture-oriented and interactive course. The rich cultures of Brazil, Portugal and other Lusophone countries are incorporated in all materials used in class, providing students with an opportunity to immerse in authentic socio-cultural situations. Students participate in communicative activities that will help them develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Upon successful completion of Port 202, students will be able to: manipulate grammar structures of increased complexity to engage in meaningful social interactions; use culturally appropriate forms; and understand written and spoken language on a variety of topics.

Language of instruction: Portuguese

Recommended prerequisite: PORT 201

Note: Credit may be granted for only one of PORT 202 or PORT 210

The assessment for this course is gently distributed and in a balanced way, with diverse activities throughout the term. There are no scary, long, stressing and tedious midterms or final exams for you in this course.

Assignments and Evaluations Breakdown:
Active Participation, oral proficiency in class, and preparation 10%
Video assignment 10%
MyLab Portuguese Activities 15%
Chapter check-ins (1 online quiz at home, 1 short tests in class, 10% each) 20%
Listening comprehension challenges (2 x 5% each) 10%
Oral interview 15%
Reading comprehension challenge 5%
Written end-of-term assessment 15%
Total = 100%

Pkg Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese as a World Language 2/E W /
ISBN 9780133557138 or 9780205981120