Love, Sex, and Magic in Premodern Italy

[Cross-listed with Italian 303]

Make the fears, concerns, and desires of premodern Italy yours through the study of a selection of literary, philosophical, and theological texts that shaped the Italian peninsula, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

In this course we will read and discuss excerpts from some of the most important texts of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance, we will learn about the culture that originated it, and we will make meaningful connections with today’s world. During our fictional journey into the world of medieval and early modern love magic, we will look at such stories as evidence of erotic, religious, ethnic, and cultural questions vital to understanding premodern Europe, the Mediterranean, and us.

You will gain a deeper understanding of premodern Italy’s:

  • Historical and literary medieval context
  • Religious and philosophical background
  • Visual arts
  • Worldviews (from Medieval to Modern)

Required readings: TBC

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

Language of Instruction: English

Note: Fulfills the literature requirement for the BA, BIE, and BMus.