Studies in Quebecois and Canadian Literature: Great Women Writers of the 20th and 21st Century

Our class will focus on the literary revolutions spurred by women writers in the 20th and 21st Century, in both Québec and francophone Canada. Students will have multiple opportunities to explore their own fields of interest and specialization.

No prior knowledge of the field is required.

Required readings:

  1. Gabrielle Roy, Le temps qui m’a manqué (ISBN: 9782764600214)
  2. Anne Hébert, Kamouraska (ISBN: 9782757803998)
  3. Marie-Claire Blais, Une saison dans la vie d’Emmanuel (ISBN: 9782890523661)
  4. Denise Boucher, Les fées ont soif (ISBN: 9782892952346)
  5. Ying Chen, Blessures (ISBN: 9782764644485)
  6. Naomi Fontaine, Kuessipan (ISBN: 9782897125011)

Prerequisites: French 402 and one of 321, 328, 329, or 330.

Language of instruction: French

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