Francophone Cinema

This course introduces students to some of the extensive and diverse production of Francophone cinema outside France (Belgium, North Africa, Lebanon, Senegal, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Québec, etc.). Students will discover Francophone culture through the prism of cinema, a dynamic and sometimes intimate visual art form that permits a glimpse, through the eyes of the filmmaker, into the aspirations and transformations of the French-Speaking world. Special attention will be given to cinema as a form of social and political discourse in a postcolonial context: how do visual narratives produce relational terms between viewers, culture, and history? Students will develop their ability to analyze and communicate a critical discourse in French, while examining a range of films and readings from the Francophone world. Class discussions as well as assignments will focus on both the aesthetics and the economy of film in specific areas of the French-speaking world. Students will learn how to approach Francophone cinema critically, how to analyze cinematographic objects, and how to communicate their analysis cogently and persuasively.

Required readings: 

To be confirmed.

Prerequisites: One of FREN 321, FREN 328, FREN 329 and one of FREN 402, FREN 225.

Language of instruction: French