Introduction to Quebec Literature

Book cover art of J’aime Hydro by Christine Beaulieu

This course serves as an introduction to core questions underlying the contemporary Québécois imaginary. The course will familiarize students with important socio-historical events in the development of Quebec society throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and pay particular attention to current debates on language, race, gender and decolonization. Through close-readings of a variety of literary genres including novel, essay, memoir, bande dessinée and theatre, we will attend to the themes of family, territory, identity and colonialism(s). Special attention will be given to techniques of analysis and literary criticism as applied to narrative texts.

Required readings:

  • La petite Russie, Francis Desharnais (Éditions Pow Pow)
  • Shuni, Naomi Fontaine (Mémoire d’encrier)
  • Les murailles, Erika Soucy (VLB éditeur)
  • J’aime Hydro, Christine Beaulieu (Atelier 10)

Prerequisites: One of FREN 220, FREN 221, FREN 311 and one of FREN 224, FREN 401.

Language of instruction: French