PhD Student in Spanish

Rodolfo Ortiz


M.A. in Arts and Latin American Literature, University of Pittsburgh, USA
M.A. in Latin American Literature, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Bolivia

A poet, essayist and critic, Rodolfo Ortiz was born in La Paz, Bolivia. He is a Ph.D. student at the UBC Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies. In 2015, he obtained a Master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh Department of Hispanic Language and Literatures. Also, he received a Master’s degree in Latin American Literature at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in Bolivia, where he defended a dissertation on the unpublished and dispersed work of the Bolivian writer Jaime Saenz. In 1993 he received a Bachelor degree in Psychoanalysis and in 2006 in Literature. Since 1999 Rodolfo has been the director and editor of the literary magazine La Mariposa Mundial, with twenty-four issues published so far; at the same time, as an editorial house of the same name, La Mariposa Mundial has issued books of poetry, narrative and essay. In addition, he has published three books of poetry, La corpulencia del tic (La Paz, 1997), Cuadernos de la sequía (La Paz, 2006) and Cuadernos de la sequía[La casa del bosque de pelos] (La Paz, 2011). As an editor he recently published in Pittsburgh the book Nonato Lyra, a manuscript of Arturo Borda, and he edited the collected works of Hilda Mundy, Juan Conitzer, among others. The publication resulting from one of the most notable project in which he has participated is Hacia una historia crítica de la literatura en Bolivia (2 volumes), published in 2002.


  • Modernist studies
  • Anarchist studies
  • Translation studies
  • Andean studies


2015 – 2016 [Compilation and Edition]
Hilda Mundy. Bambolla Bambolla. Cartas fotografías escritos. La Paz: La Mariposa Mundial.

Juan Conitzer. Escritos completes. La Paz: La Mariposa Mundial.

Arturo Borda. Telón lento: una carta de Arturo Borda a Carlos Medinaceli. La Paz: La Mariposa Mundial.

David Villazón. Rodolfo el descreído. La Paz: La Mariposa Mundial.

2014 [Transcription and Edition]
Arturo Borda. Nonato Lyra. Pittsburgh: La Mariposa Mundial.

2014 [Article]
“Las deslecturas de Borges: Eliot, el traductor argentino y la tradición”. Variaciones Borges 37: 37-52.

2007, 2012 [Poetry]
Cuadernos de la sequía. La Paz: La Mariposa Mundial – Plural editores.

2002 [Research]
“Literatura decimonónica en Bolivia”. Hacia una historial crítica de la literatura en Bolivia. 2 vol. Wiethüchter coord. La Paz: PIEB.

1999 – present
Several articles, essays, poems, reviews in La Mariposa Mundial – Journal of Literature.

1997 – present
Several articles, essays, poems, reviews in magazines, journals, cultural supplements and newspapers in and out Bolivia.

2014 – present
Parhelio. Column in “Letra Siete” Cultural Supplement. Página Siete. La Paz.


“Una carta de Arturo Borda a Carlos Medinaceli” – Panel: “Eventos ex-presos en la literatura boliviana”. XII Jornadas de Literatura Latinoamericana (JALLA). La Paz-Bolivia. August 2016.

“Vanguardias intempestivas y gestos anarquistas en Bolivia” – Panel: “Revisita a las Vanguardias en Bolivia” – Carrera de Literatura – Universidad Mayor de San Andrés. December, 2014.

“Vanguardias intempestivas y gestos anarquistas en Bolivia: Arturo Borda e Hilda Mundy”. Chair, Organizer and Panelist. LASA 2014, Chicago Il. Democracy & Memory. May, 2014.

“Ebbs, Flows and Limits”. (des)articulaciones 2013 – DHLL. Journals round table Participants: John Beverley (boundary 2), Juan Duchesne-Winter (Revista Iberoamericana), Rodolfo Ortiz (La Mariposa Mundial), Elizabeth Monasterios (Bolivian Studies Journal), Daniel Balderston (Variaciones Borges), and Aúrea Sotomayor (Hotel Abismo). October, 2013.