Professor of French Studies


  • African and Caribbean Literatures in French
  • Applications of semantics to problems specific to African languages and literatures
  • Semantics of irony in African literary discourse
  • Women authors of the African diaspora
  • Post-colonial literary theory and African feminism
  • Disability studies
  • Authors such as Ousmane Sembène, Ahmadou Kourouma, Calixthe Beyala and Maryse Condé.


“Representations of Women’s Orality in the Works of Aminata Sow Fall, Assia Djebar and Calixthe Beyala” (SSHRC Standard Research Grant).



Shaken Wisdom: Irony and Meaning in Postcolonial African Fiction (University of Virginia Press, 2011).

La parole poétique d’Aimé Césaire (L’Harmattan, 1992).

Articles and book chapters

«La femme et la mémoire-colère: le déséquilibre féminin  comme forme mémorielle dans     trois romans caribéens», Diasporiques: mémoire, diasporas et formes du roman francophone contemporain, sous la direction de Tara Collington et François Paré, Ottawa : Éditions David, 2013. 333-349.

“Simone Schwarz-Bart and Marie-Célie Agnant as « interprètes » of Caribbean Orality”, in Francophone Cultures and Geographies of Identity, H. Adlai Murdoch and Zsuzsanna

Fagyal, eds., Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press,  2013. 260-274.

« L’oralité transposée des femmes africianes : ‘The Headstrong Historian’ de Chimamanda Adiche, in Traditions orales postcoloniales, sous la direction de Luc Fotsing et Moustapha Fall, Paris : L’Harmattan, 2014. 41-50.

Robert Miller and Gloria Onyeoziri, “Willful and/or Imposed Alienation in Recent African Emigration Narratives: Fatou Diome’s Ventre de l’Atlantique, Henri Lopes’ Une Enfant de Poto-Poto and Chimamanda Adichie’s The Thing Around Your Neck,” in Fears, Doubts and Joys of Not Belonging, B. Fishkin, A. Ankumah & B. Ndi, eds. Mankan, Bamenda, Cameroon: Langaa Research and Publishing, 2014. 197-214.

“Gisèle Pineau et l’oralité mondialisée”, Nouvelles Études Francophones 27.2 (2012) 17-29.

“The Filmmaker-narrator as a Reflection of/on Postcolonial African Cinema: Henri Lopes’s Le lys et le flamboyant (1997) and Assia Djebar’s La femme sans sépulture”, International Journal of Francophone Studies, 14.3 (2011), 381-96.

« In the Face of the Daughter: Feminist Perspectives on Métissage as a Gendered Concept in the Works of Maryse Condé » in Emerging Perspectives on Maryse Condé, a Writer of Her Own, S. Barbour & G. Herndon, eds. (Africa World Press/Sea Press) [in press].

“Henri Lopes and the Postcolonial Riddle of Métis Identity”, International Journal of Francophone Studies, 6.1 (2003) 43-52.

“Revisiting the “Roman de la Désillusion”: A Semiotic and Cultural Reading of Ousmane Sembène’s Xala,” in Francophone Post-Colonial Studies, K. Sahli, ed. (Lexington Books, 2003).

Winter 2016

FREN418K Studies in African and/or Caribbean Literatures of French Expression - AFRC/CARRIBN LIT Sections

An introduction to representative works. Topics include Negritude, the evolution of post-colonial literature, and the socio-historical context of each work.

Winter 2016

FREN521D Studies in the Literature of the French-Speaking World - LIT FR-SPKG WRLD Sections