Advising – Spanish

  • Full classes
    If the class is full, please check the Student Service Centre periodically for available seats.
  • Waiting lists
    The department keeps waiting lists only for new sections that may be opened in a given course. They will be found at the Student Service Centre with the designation WL.
  • “Force” registration into a full course [Download Form]
    Departmental “force” forms are used only to force a student into a full section during the first days of classes.
  • Assignments
    Students can stamp their assignments themselves in the main office of the department and leave in the box on the counter. All assignments must have student’s name, course number and instructor’s name.
  • Deciding which Spanish course to take
    Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student, please refer to this page to find the course that is appropriate to your level.

First and Second Year Advising and Placement

Mr. Enrique Manchón, Office: BuTo 803, Tel: 604-822-5846

Ms. Stephanie Spacciante, Office: BuTo 702, Tel: 604-822-5620

Majors and Minors Advising and Transfer Credit

Dr. Raúl Álvarez-Moreno, Office: BuTo 823, Tel: 604-822-4039