Minor in Italian

These are the requirements for the Minor in Italian:

First and Second Years
 (12 credits)

ITAL 101 (3) First-Year Italian I
ITAL 102 (3) First-Year Italian II
ITAL 201 (3) Second-Year Italian I
ITAL 202 (3) Second-Year Italian II

*Students who have studied Italian in high school or for whom Italian is a heritage language may be exempted from completing some of the lower-level course load. Please contact the Undergraduate Advisor for Italian.

Third and Fourth Years (18 credits)

6 credits:

ITAL 301 (3) Third-Year Italian I
ITAL 302 (3) Third-Year Italian II

12 credits:

Students will choose 4 courses (12 credits) from upper level ITAL and ITST courses.
They are free to select and combine these courses according to their interest.