Frequently Asked Questions


I want to enroll in a FREN xxx class this coming semester. Section yyy would work perfectly with my schedule, but that section is full. Is there anything I can do to get forced into that section?

A select few of our courses have electronic waiting lists; you can add your name to that list. Most courses do not have waiting lists; you will have to keep an eye on registration and hope that a seat opens up.

What are some of the programme’s significant scheduling conflicts?

222 is generally offered only in the first semester of the Winter term and 223 follows only in the second semester. Since these are prerequisites for upper-level courses, if you miss either, you will have to wait a year and a half before enrolling in 3rd and 4th year courses.

Note as well that 370 is generally a prerequisite for 400-level language courses. The Major requires either 370 or 371, but 371 is generally not a prerequisite for 400-level literature courses. You may of course take both courses, in which case one will serve as a 300-level elective.

If I began my French Programme at the 200 level, is 122/123 a programme requirement?

No. If you have 222/223, you do not need 122/123, nor any other 100 level course.

How do I enroll in the Majors or Minor programme?

You can declare your Major or Minor through SSC ( It is usually done at the end of your second year, but at any rate not before you have 3rd year status. (More discussion about the Major here: )

I want to take course 4XX, but course 3XX is a prerequisite I don’t have. Can I take 4XX anyway and take 3XX after?

Yes and no. The instructor of 4XX may decide to remove you from the course if s/he feels you are insufficiently prepared. On the other hand SSC will not refuse your enrolment — it will issue a warning that you do not have the prerequisite, but you will nevertheless be enrolled in the class. It is best to confirm your enrollment with your instructor if SSC has raised a warning.

I am presently enrolled at ______ University and plan to apply to UBC; will my 1st year French course from my university transfer to UBC?

Enrolment Services will have to evaluate your transfer credits and only when you have been admitted to UBC.

InFAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions)

Why are students from secondary-school French not encouraged to join FREN 102, 112, 223 or 225?

There are two reasons.
– FREN 101&102, 111&112, 122&123 and 224&225 are each really a single, continuous programme of study divided up for scheduling convenience into one-term components; and perseverance for a whole year has great advantages in courses devoted to the practising of skills, which is one of our reasons for providing recommendations only for the fall-term courses
– And joining any of the second components, half way through a textbook, without having taken the first half is awkward, which is the other reason.
– But the prerequisites for all these courses are soft, so you will not be blocked if you try to enrol directly in one of the second halves.

Does UBC grant transfer credits for the Explore programme courses?

There is no 3rd year credit for Explore and it does NOT meet the Faculty of Arts language requirement. For further information about the Summer Language Explore program contact Dr. Stéphanie Palisse.

I have done some courses at the UBCO; will they count as credits towards the UBC Vancouver requirements?

Courses having the same number generally transfer because they have the same course description; so for example, 122/123/220 will all transfer. Other courses that are not numbered the same and do not have the same description at the two campuses are transferred on a case by case basis.

Why is FREN 224 recommended for French Immersion graduates only if they have high academic standing, and why is the phrase in bold face?

– It’s a precaution, because the mere fact of taking many high-school courses in French does not guarantee excellence in French itself, any more than taking an entire high-school programme in English guarantees excellence in the study of English language and literature.
– Direct entry into FREN 224 represents real advanced placement. The normal transition from twelfth grade French to post-secondary French involves promotion from the A2 level of the Common European Framework to B1, which is the level of our FREN 122 and 123. But even FREN 224 is a B2 course and is significantly more advanced, as you will see if you look back at the table of communicative functions.
– That isn’t to say that you would need 95% in FRAL 12 to jump directly into FREN 224, but if you have less than about 85%, you may not yet be ready to do well at the 200 level, or at least not to do well without devoting so much time to your French that your other courses will suffer as a result.