Continuing in French after Grade 12

FREN 122 (3) FREN 123 (3)

An average graduate of French 12 or of Français Langue 12 who wishes to continue studying French at UBC will usually start by taking FREN 122 and FREN 123. Not everyone is average, however, so please note the following variants on this standard pattern.

Students who completed grade 12 French with high academic standing may be ready for advanced placement in 200-level french courses but should not take this for granted. They should first write the French 222/223 Placement Test.

Students who earned high academic standing in Français Langue 12 should consider enrolling directly in FREN 224, followed by FREN 225, if they can fit them into their schedule. These interdisciplinary courses are designed for immersion graduates, and satisfy the prerequisite for 300-level courses in French language and linguistics.

Students who have earned transfer credit for AP French or IB French may enroll in the 200-level course(s) of their choice.

Students who have earned transfer credit for AP French Literature may enroll directly in 300-level French Literature courses.