Study in Italy Program – Application deadline December 7, 2017

Study in Italy next summer and earn UBC credits !

ITAL 102, Study in Italy program, is an immersion/intensive course in spoken and written Italian. The course uses an integrated method that facilitates the development of communicative abilities without neglecting the study of grammatical structure.

By the end of the course, students are expected to develop a good understanding of the Italian language and be able to express themselves, in a variety of survival situations, such as asking for directions, buying food, talking about themselves, their family, their interest and their daily routine, express likes and dislikes and talk about the present and the past, express opinions and make polite requests.

Evaluation techniques include a number of different methods such as exam and quizzes, structured interactions with Italian people, short presentations to the entire class, and drama techniques.

The course includes a number of visits around Venice and the Veneto region, longer class periods than in a standard course and the unique opportunity to work with Italian tutors–who are Italian university students who are studying to become educators and language instructors for more than 20 hours.

Program dates: May 7 – June 1, 2018
Instructor: Dr. Luisa Canuto

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