(Cross-listed with FREN512B)

Studies in Literary Criticism – Lacan and Literature: Theory and Praxis

In this graduate seminar we will provide an outline of the development of theory and criticism leading up to and including Lacan, paying particular attention to the developments in linguistics, cultural anthropology, and psychoanalysis  (Saussure, Benveniste, Jakobson, Levi-Strauss, Freud, etc.) that were to prove so influential in the elaboration of Lacan’s theories.  We will then examine representative writings of Jacques Lacan and different approaches to the study of literature offered by Lacan as well as his followers and critics.  We will attempt to define and evaluate some of the practical applications of Lacanian theories to the study of literature and look at the possibility of studying Lacan himself, the man and the legend, as a self-conscious sort of literary creation.

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Langage of instruction: English

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