Questions of Class, Race and Gender in Latin America

The goal of the Research Intensive Seminar is to offer a writing intensive, seminar-style course where we explore theories and methodologies of the discipline of literary and cultural studies. Through the study of theory, and the literary, filmic and cultural examination of specific case studies, we will develop and improve tools of analyses. The thematic focus of the course will be class, race and gender in Latin American literature, film and culture.

Required books and texts
Books available at the UBC bookstore and online sellers:

Jonathan Culler Breve introducción a la teoría literaria (1997)
Roberto Arlt El juguete rabioso (1926)
Alejo Carpentier El reino de este mundo (1949)
Achy Obejas Memory Mambo (1996)

Additional texts (required short stories and recommended critical essays) will be available in PDF through the course website. Films will be made available through the library.

Recommended books
Terry Eagleton – Una introducción a la teoría literaria (1983)
Sergio Arlandis y Agustín Reyes Torres – Textos e interpretación: introducción al análisis literario (2013)
Sylvan Barnet and William E. Cain – A Short Guide to Writing About Literature, 2012
Timothy Corrigan – A Short Guide to Writing About Film, 2012
Joseph Gibaldi – MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 2016
Wayne Booth, Colomb and Williams – The Craft of Research, 2016

Prerequisite: SPAN 221 and SPAN 302 or permission of the instructor

SPAN 495 may be taken twice for credit, with different content, to a maximum of 6 credits.
SPAN 495 is a research-intensive course that satisfies the Research Component of the Faculty of Arts Writing and Research Requirement.

Language of Instruction: Spanish

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